The Evolution & Relationships at Oklahoma State (EROS) Lab


Romantic relationships are among some of the most impactful social relationships we have during our lifetimes. The EROS lab aims to advance theory and generate novel insights into three broad relationship problems that people face when seeking or in a relationship:





To this end, we utilize an interdisciplinary approach that integrates theories and knowledge from classic relationship science (e.g., attachment theory, interdependence theory), social psychology, and functional perspectives to examine psychological and biobehavioral mechanisms underlying attraction, relationship behaviors, long-term satisfaction, relationship dissolution, and intrasexual competition. Additionally, we are interested in examining how novel features of modern society (e.g., hormonal contraceptives, technology, media) alter or interfere psychological mechanisms central to relationship functioning.


How do people choose relationship partners?


How do people maintain
long-term pair bonds?


How do people navigate relationship threats such as intrasexual rivals?


Vidhi Bansal (she/they) is an incoming first-year graduate student. Vidhi is interested in examining the intersectionality between attraction and romantic relationships, specifically looking at the role of perceived attractiveness in mate acquisition and retention. Additionally, they are interested in examining evolutionary mismatches, such as how evolved psychological mechanisms involved in singlehood are mismatched to modern-day technology and media. In their free time, they enjoy watching tv, listening to music, or reading fiction books. 


Fall 2022

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